a nostalgic Easter

happy easterEaster.  Gotta say that I’m feeling a bit teary nostalgic about Easter this year.  OK… a LOT nostalgic.  Here’s the deal.  My son in away at school finishing his Masters in Accountancy and studying for his CPA Exam. He gets up in the morning, studies all day, goes to bed.  Next day… get’s up in the morning, studies all day, goes to bed. Basically it’s “Groundhog Day” (hated that movie!) with a gym workout thrown in here and there for sanity measures.  And a couple beers on the weekend.  He has taken Exam #1 (of 4) and #2 is May 1.  Needless to say, he will not be home for Easter. My daughter recently started a new job, and is possibly scheduled to leave town for work.  Soon.  Like maybe Easter Sunday… morning?

easter kitchen duckOK.  So back to the ole “nostalgic part“. I was lying there in bed last night, unable to fall asleep because my brain was in overdrive (been there, done that; right??) I remembered back to all of the funny little Easter memories that just tickle my heart to remember…

Easter crossMaking our easter sugar cookies (they were bee-you-tee-ful…gotta say!), the coordinated family Easter outfits, dyeing Easter eggs, chocolate nests for the Easter table, “the bunny corsage”. Sigh…! Makes me so happy inside just remembering everything.  You know what else makes me happy inside at this time of year?  Decorating the house for Easter and spring!  Are you a “springtime decorator”?  It’s a definite mood lifter for me!!  It’s like chasing away the winter blahs, and making everything seem fresh and alive again!!  So today I am sharing with you a few little snipits of springtime at the Toth house.  Welcome…

Easter kitchen ceiling light fixture
Our kitchen light, taken from a rather unique angle. Lying on the kitchen table looking up through the light at the ceiling… teehee!

Easter bunny DREaster DR

easter chicks

Easter kitchen light

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