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country music hat girlI’ve gotta be honest here. The journey to discovering my “inner cowgirl spirit” was not exactly an overnight metamorphosis. Not even close. 

Part One: Cowgirl Boots

It was nineteen (gulp!) eighty; American Government class.  He wore flannel shirts and cowboy boots. Not to mention, the occasional cowboy hat.  Hmmm… Cute. REALLY cute. But not my type (to be continued…)

Part Two:  Cowgirl Music

Fast forward almost thirty years.  My son is nearing the end of high school and starts listening to country music a bit.  Really??  To my surprise – the more I listened, the more I liked it. Now, six/seven years later – it’s my “go to” when I turn on the stereo.  It makes me HAPPY.  As a “convert”, rather than someone who was born and raised a country girl, I have to tell you that I really didn’t understand country music. At all. Basically because I never tried. Not my thing. I assumed it was all just a bunch of “down on my luck” lyrics, twangy banjos and red-neck guys with no teeth.  Ummm… ladies??  Listen up here.  As for that last part; you know; the “guys with no teeth” thingie?  A few words for you to ponder – Tim, Luke, Blake, Kenny, Brad, Darius, Zac… Let’s just say that they all DEFINITELY have good teeth!!  Nuff said.  As for lyrics – When was the last time that you listened to a song that had MEANING; That told a story?  That mattered?  Country music embraces life, love, heartbreak, joy, our country, our families.  Things that Really. Do. Matter. Country music makes you FEEL something. Happy. Sad. Nostalgic. Romantic…  Don’t believe me? Fine.  Don’t take my word for it.  I’ve got links to a few songs below (Yep – The guys with the “good teeth”… wink, wink!)  So click away and see whatcha think??

history in the making

“History In The Making” Darius Rucker  “It’s Your Love” Tim & Faith) McGraw  “While He Still Knows Who I Am” Kenny Chesney “Sweet Annie” Zac Brown Band  “Drink a Beer” Luke Bryan (Live 2013 CMA Awards) “Doin’ What She Likes” Blake Shelton (watch till the end!)  “She’s Everything” Brad Paisley

Another GREAT idea… Tune in to the 49th ACM (Academy of Country Music) Awards (in VEGAS!) next Sunday night on CBS (April 6, 2014). And more good news…”BLUKE is back!!” For you newbies… That is code for “Blake (Shelton) and Luke (Bryant) are hosting again this year!!” YAY!! The bad news?  I will, unfortunately, NOT be there in person (insert sad face!)  Can you just imagine…?? The ACM Awards LIVE at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas!!!!! Oh my.  Definitely on my BUCKET LIST! Maybe next year… for the 50th celebration…??  Hey, a girl can dream; Right???  Anyway – back to our family room, where we will actually be tuning in.  (This year, anyway). Honestly – It’s like a free concert on TV!!  The hubbie and I turn the surround sound on, pour a glass of wine and settle in for a little country music R&R. Grab your cowgirl boots and your PJ’s and pull up a spot. The concert’s about to begin…




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  1. Love Blake Shelton on The Voice, but I’m not a country music convert yet. I do like most of the mainstream country music songs though like Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise”.

  2. Being more recent “converts”, we are definitely fans of what I guess they would call “modern country”. Started with Rascal Flatts and it grew from there… The “older” country (and some of the modern country!) is still too much for us! ha! 😉

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