creating yourself

And so who is “creations by cathy“…?  Hmmm… well, that’s kind of a long story.  OK, let’s be honest here.  I don’t know any short stories.  Period.  Better that you know that from the start.  But I try.  Really, I do.  In fact, I will try right now.  This is gonna be the short story of “Creations”…

Well, let’s see… I started Creations almost 10 years ago in July 2002.  During that time I specialized in giftware and hand-painted glassware (by yours truly!), participated in about a million different shows and had booths in four different locations (stores) throughout Kansas City (at different times).  Presently,  I can be found at Trendz Market, an upscale boutique co-op in south Kansas City (151st & Nall for you “locals”!), where I have been since it opened, just over three years ago.

Everything changed in early 2012.  I finally found the inner strength to follow my true passion; a very “Shabby Chic, English/French Country, cottage-y, feminine” sort of look… (How is that for a description!)  This meant completely changing EVERYTHING about Creations… my merchandise, logo, business cards, Facebook site, Blog ( and here we are!) and, soon to come, my new website!  Whew!  (A big “shout out” to BRANDtabulous and my “re-branding buddy/partner-in-crime”, Jerrod!!)  Now that I am almost done with the whole process, I have to tell you that I am SO HAPPY!  I love the look and feel of everything… it just feels like ME!  It feels so good to be true to your authentic self – and that is where I am right now.  (I will elaborate more on the whole “authentic self” thing later. I’m a big believer!)

So here is a toast to creating yourself, and more importantly, to RE-creating yourself..!    live happy~ laugh, love, dream, create

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