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being creativeCreative thinking.  That’s what I was thinking about today.  Ya – Pretty much all day. Now I should have been thinking about dusting.  My house really needs it. But there is always time to dust. Later.  Back to the creative thinking…  This is a subject that I think I could go on and on and on about… but I am really gonna try and make this a quick post.  No really…  Don’t worry though, we will revisit this subject again.  And again. So my friend, Dawn (@ Joyful Scribblings – check out her blog!), and I are going to another blogging conference (SNAP!) in two weeks. This particular conference is geared towards more creative thinkers; people who blog about the things that I am passionate about.  Photography, Food & Entertaining, DIY (Do It Yourself)/Crafting… love, Love, LOVE! So we are participating in some of the fun & creative “extras” at the conference – One of them being a “decorate your door” contest!  That brings me to the task at hand for today… finding some of the goodies for our door, as well as other supplies for the conference.  OK.  So I try to go into crafting places like Michael’s, JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby, with a plan.  Maybe even a list.  But I seem to subconsciously check all of that at the door somehow.  My soul is suddenly filled with the hope and promise of possibility thinking.  Ideas flow through my veins at an almost overwhelming pace.  “I could do this.  Or that.  Or this and that and…”.  Right.  You get my point.  

Truth is, creativity is a huge part of my life. Not just in what I do, but in who I am. It affects my actions, thoughts, decisions.  It permeates my photography, my cooking, my decorating.  It is why my dining room chairs are mismatched (on purpose) and I hate to iron.  Or dust.  It is deeply woven into my relationships, how I make friends, how I raised my kids. It is why I have trouble focusing; why my “to do” list never shrinks.  It is me. Or, a (very big) part of me, anyway.


So I stumbled across an article tonight, from The Huffington Post, entitled “18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently“. Here were a few of the things they listed:

  • They view all of life as an opportunity for self-expression.
  • They surround themselves with beauty.
  • They get out of their own heads.
  • They follow their true passions
  • They lose track of the time.
  • They constantly shake things up.

Found the article to be quite interesting, really. Kinda, sorta made me feel validated, in a way.  Like something on paper; in print.  Something they have officially “studied“… Nice.  We’re always looking for answers, explanations, excuses (?) aren’t we. I’m a Taurus, so I’m stubborn. I’m the oldest child, so I’m bossy responsible. Yadda, yadda, yadda.  So tonight my brain is absolutely exhausted from all this creative thinking.  Doggonit.  No time to dust.  It will simply have to wait until tomorrow.

“And then she remembered something very important… She was not bothered by dust.  She was, after all, creative.”  the end

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