dreaming of the eiffel tower

champagne eiffel towerI had the most wonderful dream last night. I was in Paris celebrating the 125th birthday of the Eiffel Tower. Problem. The Eiffel Tower was actually “born” on March 31, 1889. This morning I awakened to the realization that it was April 1st. Could it be that my invitation had gotten lost in the mail? Please say it isn’t so! An April Fools joke perhaps? Oh – I think not.  It was just too real.

champagne french“…We welcomed the sunrise seated at little bistro tables nestled under the Eiffel Tower with champagne and French pastries. I wore my delicate little pink dress and my favorite pink shoes that I meticulously packed in a tiny pink suitcase. (After all, we were just there for the day, Silly!)


pink dress and suitcase

It being a dream, I spoke in soft whispers (wink, wink), my French fluent and flawless. There was beaucoup de célébrer (much celebrating), laughter and beautiful music everywhere. As evening descended upon us, we toasted from the top of the Eiffel Tower as the sun melted into darkness.  The Tower, ablaze with tiny white twinkle lights…”

As for a birthday present; well, I did not forget about you, my friends!  I brought you back an incredible gift that I know you will absolutely LOVE!  An exciting and interactive 360 panorama of Paris and the Eiffel Tower (in high definition). “Breathtaking details and amazing views” (Eiffel tower website). The Eiffel Tower from above, below, at sunset, over the city of Paris, identifying famous landmarks… Honestly – it really is pretty amazing.  Click on the link above (where it says “360”) and enjoy the sights and sounds of Paris (Yes – There is even music!) Ooo La La – Enjoy!! 

Ok – So I need to put this dream behind me and deal with reality.  I’m starting to sound like the little boy on “The Polar Express”. I just feel so distracted.  Hmmm… Now where in the heck did I leave my favorite pink shoes…

eiffel tower pink shoes


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