eventually… maybe.

beach hammockI’m p-r-o-c-r-a-s-t-i-n-a-t-i-n-g.  Yep.  Gotta clean the laundry room – Don’t wanna do it.  Everyone has that space in their house that becomes the catch-all for this, that and everything.  Ours is the laundry room.  Now for all practical purposes, we are fortunate in the sense that we have a fairly large laundry room.  Cabinet space (more room to shove “stuff”), counter space (more room to pile “stuff”) and floor space (for people to throw their shoes, dirty laundry and everyone’s I don’t know where this goes… “stuff”)  It’s kinda like the unfinished part of the basement.  The bigger the space, the more “goodies” you save.  Blessing…? Curse…?  Hmmm…  We had a big family get-together last weekend, and I never quite got to the part of my “to-do” list that said “clean the laundry room“, somehow.  But let’s be honest here – It had the priority status of about a -14.  My solution?  I closed the door and put a post-it note up that said “off limits“.  Ha!  That kinda thing just makes you wanna look, doesn’t it…?  Some did.  I just laughed.  I used to be a real freak about that kind of stuff.  Guess I’m kinda over it.

So I did get in there the other day.  Found the floor, the counters and a few items that had recently “gone missing”.  Vacuumed, sprayed.   It was a great feeling, and it lasted all of about three minutes. Yep.  As I stood there, basking in the (temporary) glow of a perfectly clean (looking) laundry room, – I suddenly felt a dark sense of reality wash over me.  Ya – this room looked clean on the outside, but I knew the real truth.  I knew what was lurking inside those cabinets.  Or did I?  I decided to start purging – Cleaning out, clearing out and reorganizing the cabinets.  Before I knew it, the room had returned to a complete state of utter chaos.  Stuff piled absolutely everywhere.  And that, my friends, is the end of the story.  So far.  Haven’t done a thing about it.  I did clean out the refrigerator yesterday, which was also in need of some real attention.  I hung out with friends and family all weekend having fun – xo.  I made my bed.  Every day. Took the dogs for walks.  Went to the dentist.  Drank wine (not with the dentist).  Basically everything under the sun EXCEPT clean the stupid laundry room.  And that’s OK.  The reality is – It’s not going anywhere.  It will get done.


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  1. Love your photos especially the top one of the hammock overlooking the beach. It’s calling my name. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll help you declutter your laundry room if you’ll help me clean out my craft room. We could even blog about it 🙂 For real, I’m not kidding!!!

    1. Bahahahaha…!! Too funny, Heidi! Ya – Well I’m “making the rounds”… from one room to another. Some rooms need a little attention & tweaking; some are “THE LAUNDRY ROOM”. Still working on the actual laundry room, BTW. Coulda/shoulda worked on it Saturday, but went to Powell Gardens instead. And yesterday? Well, I watched the Chiefs game. At the end of the day…. it’s still there waiting for me!!

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