gratitude 101

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Today is a lesson (or two) (or three) in Gratitude 101.

When “the girls” (dogs) came in from morning potty today, they brought with them a single perfect little leaf. Not “perfect” in the sense of “PERFECTLY PERFECT”. Just perfect. As is. Lesson #1.

Picking up that little leaf created a pause within me. A moment to reflect on this fleeting moment that we call “Fall”. Never EVER long enough. One moment we are ablaze with glorious color, the next we are bare naked. “Mable”, the Maple tree in the backyard, is my fav. She waits until all of the others have succumbed to the early winds of winter.  Like the end of an amazing concert, Mable waits until the stage has gone dark… and then she performs her breathtaking encore. Mable never disappoints. Patience. Lesson #2.

leaves 3

In glancing out the back window, it is plain to see that Mable is thinning with each day. Her leaves, once a brilliant red-orange, have faded. I feel sad. It’s a weirdly warm, foggy morning – so I decide to wander out onto the deck and whisper a little “thank you” to Mable for yet another stellar performance. Hopefully the neighbors won’t see me talking to my tree with the fog.

Our small deck is littered with a multitude of leaves, and I begin, almost subconsciously, to pick them up one by one. Where did they all come from? Where ARE all these different trees? Have these leaves been here all along? I thought that, aside from sweet Mable, the fall foliage was long gone. And here it was all along; right under my feet. I just had to open my eyes and take notice. Lesson #3.

leaves 1

Gratitude 101.

live happy

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