ice cream sandwich day?

Yes – You heard me correctly… It IS “National Ice Cream Sandwich Day”!!  Who knew; Right???  Well that doggone thermometer continues to hover at triple digits, and there are absolutely ZERO age limits for celebrating this “national holiday” – So a big WooHoo to that!  I loved this blog post that I found at Twig & Thistle (below) because it is not so much a recipe as a “how-to”.  Simple instructions and a beautiful, tasty little package of cold refreshing sweetness!!  Even better – you can make them up ahead of time and pop them in your freezer. Done. Then at your next outdoor BBQ or summer party you can whip them out and impress your friends, smiling politely as they “Oooo and Ahhh…”   Give it a whirl before the summer comes to an end.

There are few things that I love more than ice cream in waffle cones. It doesn’t take much convincing to go for a scoop so when I saw waffle butter cookies at Trader Joe’s I knew excatly what I had to do: ice cream sandwiches! They’re super easy to do and would make a great treat for Easter, just pick a pastel ice cream, sandwich it between waffle cookies and violá! Easter eggs! I used strawberry here but mint or sherbert would be cute too, honestly though, can you ever really go wrong when it comes to ice cream?

What you’ll need: Carton of ice cream Butter waffle cookies from Trader Joe’s Round cookie cutter bent into an oval Large knife Cookie sheet Parchment paper Wax string

Directions: Take your ice cream (the boxed kind works best) and cut off a 3/4″ thick slab, it doesn’t have to be exact just thinner than your cookie cutter. Next, use your cookie cutter and cut out ovals from the ice cream, set the ovals on a cookie sheet with parchment paper and put the sheet in the freezer to firm up.

While you wait, cut out 9.5″x2.5″ strips of parchment paper to use as holders for the finished product.

Once the ice cream has chilled for a bit, transfer to the cookies with a spatula. For a little extra sweetness, add decorative chocolate sprinkles; simply roll the edges through the sprinkles for an even coating.

For the final touch, wrap in parchment paper and secure with waxed thread or baker’s twine then freeze until ready to serve. Enjoy!

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