“just do it”

I turned fifty just over a year ago.  Let me just tell you right now, I love it!!  That year between fifty and fifty-one was one of the most important years of my life, so far.  It was the year that I began the process of “re-discovering myself”.  Since I plan to continue this procees well into my 100’s, I’m about halfway there.  Plenty of time.

For a long, long time, I played around with the ideas of taking my business, Creations, in a fresh new direction.  I dreamed of “following my passion”; a shabby chic with a French accent kind of direction. But, Oh my… all the changes that I would need to make!!  New logo, business cards, website and – Oh ya – how about all new merchandise?!  So there I was, one random day, in the middle of that glorious year of awakening.  I just decided that the moment was NOW.  So I did it.  No regrets.

I love cooking and healthy eating.  This is a good thing.  I hate exercise.  This is a bad thing.  Went to a presentation on “healthy lifestyles” from a gal who knows what she is talking about – Mitzi Dulan.  She speaks all over the country and is very well known in her industry and beyond.  She also teaches “Boot Camp“.  OK, let’s be honest here.  Me going to Boot Camp is so far out of the box that the box is in Russia.  But there I was, all “50 something” and crazy confident, so I grabbed a friend (love ya, Deb!), and we did it.  Four weeks, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00-10:00.  After the first day, my friend Deb and I were certain that we were dying.  It hurt to lift my pinky finger.  As one of my kids said, “there’s a reason why they call it Boot Camp, Mom”.  Yep.  There sure is.  Crazy as it sounds, we even did a second session!  I have to say – I was so proud of myself.  Besides the physical benefits, there was that deep sense of accomplishment that comes from doing the impossible.  And trust me – I saw Boot Camp as Impossible.  Capital “I”.

And so the positive wave of my “50’s” continues.  More changes.  Some baby steps, some much bigger.  I turned 51 in May, and I am already planning my 100th Birthday Party, so consider this blog your “save the date” card…  May 2061.  In the meantime; Enjoy every day.  As Nike says… “Just do it”!!  live happy… laugh, love, dream, create

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