one tiny footprint…

Who would have ever guessed that three little numbers would forever change the lives of a nation.  Our nation.  9/11.

We all remember where we were on that fateful morning.  It’s etched in our memories forever.  The horrors of the day; the names, the faces, the stories…. They will all be relived today.  We mourn as a nation.  We pray for the lives of those whose hearts still ache for loved ones, lost forever.

Yes.  There is evil in the world.  But there is also goodAnd lots of it.  I have this outlook on life that is kind of a “rock, paper, scissors” kind of thing.  The way I see it, besides kind and evil, we also have the obstacle of indifference.  As a nation, our problems are too overwhelming.  It’s just too much.  After all, we are just one person… Right?  So what to do.  Well, for me, it’s really all about me… You see, I feel that in this “rock, paper, scissors” game of life… good always wins over evil AND indifference.  The problem is, it’s two against one!  I can’t control the thoughts or actions of another human being – but I can control what I give to this world.  I choose kindness.  Honesty.  Respect.  Love.  I vow to make a difference within this tiny little footprint that I have in this world, because it’s all that I have.  And even though I cannot “control” other people; I most certainly can influence them through my own actions.  After choosing the quote (above) to include in this post, I had to smile.  It’s from Nike; a company that truly is all about “the game”.  And in this particular quote it is “the game of life“, as well.  As a nation, we will never be able to eliminate evil; nor indifference.  But we do have that tiny footprint, and we can choose good.  Every day.  Kindness is contagious… Just do it!

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