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the chew 3Is it possible to actually GAIN weight while working out on the treadmill…? 

Many of you already  know that I love to watch The Chew” on ABC.  I tape it and watch it religiously while I am on the treadmill.  This, my friends, is right up there (on the intelligence scale) with going grocery shopping after an excruciating week-long fast….  Watching them cook all of this delicious, mouth-watering food while exercising…?  Pure torture!  Sometimes, if I have an extra episode “in the bank”, I will treat myself to watching while I am cooking dinner.  With a glass of wine.  Much, much better…!

the chew tickets

Now the hubbie and I have a list of TV show favs; including Downton Abbey, Modern Family, The Middle, Shark Tanks; but “The Chew“…?  Well that’s MY show!!   Needless to say; going to a taping of “The Chew” is DEFINITELY on my bucket list.  But I’m not stoppin’ there!  No, No, NO!!  I want to be on the tasting panel, as well!! Yes maam.  I wanna be right up there where I can be a part of the action!! Smell the garlic, maybe answer a question, get a close up of Carla & Clinton dancing… and, of course, SAMPLE THE FOOD!!!

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Until that time comes, however; I have “The Chew” book that I love. It really is a great cookbook that is packed with lots of ‘extras”… Each recipe is coded (ie “light & healthy”, “5-in-5″…) plus an indication of skill level and price range.  Also included – Q&A with each individual host.  Great book!  So you’re probably wondering to yourself at this point… “Hmmm… Does she have a fav”?  Nope.  Love ’em all.  But each one for a different reason.  Michael Symon is just as sweet and sincere as can be and makes me laugh.  I love the way he talks so lovingly about his wife, Liz.   Mario Batali makes me want to open up a bottle of wine, buy a pair of orange crocs and book a flight to Italy. OK… actually that’s a “no” on the orange crocs.   Daphne Oz cooks the way I try to cook (most of the time, anyway) and she fills my brain with so much good healthy (practical) advice. Love her attitude towards food.  Carla Hall pumps up my ENERGY level and fills my head with “sweet” thoughts. Great dancer, too!!  Just watching her is a real workout!  And Clinton Kelly…?  Have been a fan since “What Not to Wear”.  Love.  All I can say about Clinton Kelly is…  Make me a cocktail, baby, and “LET’S CRAFT”!! 

So you say you don’t cook?  Well watch it anyway.  The tagline on their book is “Food. Life. Fun.” They are fun and you will have fun.  As different and unique as they are individually, there is so much chemistry between them which makes it all come together.  For a little taste of a “non-cooking” segment (no pun intended… ha!), I have a couple of cute video clips for you to watch.  For the “Pie throwdown”; click HERE .  For the “Pie throwdown, explained…”; click HERE .

tasty trashy tators


Oh ya…  And as for my original statement/question…  “Is it possible to actually GAIN weight while working out on the treadmill…?” Well I’m gonna say “yes” after watching a taped show from Monday, May 13.  I give you exhibit 1: “Wendy Bradley’s Tasty Trashy Taters”.  Two words: tater tots and bacon.  Ok; I know.  That’s three words.  You get my point, however.  If I made these for my (college) son and his buddies… Wowza!  “And the mother of the year award goes to…”.  (The crowd goes wild.)  Ya.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about.  But I’m telling you, I seriously think that I gained weight just watching.  Everyone was going on and on and on… (please stop talking!) about how super-duper YUM they were.  And I was SO, SO hungry at this point.  What to do???  Lucky for me, there were no tater tots OR bacon in my freezer.  But, lucky for me, I did have all the ingredients for a super healthy breakfast smoothie.  Yes; I know.  Daphne would be so proud of me…

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  1. When can I come over for dinner? Love the Chew, but don’t watch it that often. I think I may need to add their cookbook to my collection. You’ve sold me on it. It will most likely join my other ones that just seem to collect dust.

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