the gift of laundry

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Sometimes we make the simple act of gratitude way too complicated.

Case in point; laundry. 

So raise your hand if you enjoy doing laundry. Anyone…?  Ya. Thought so. And who among you gets “slightly irritated” when someone says they “did” the laundry when, in fact, all they did was put the laundry into the washing machine?? OR… (and this is worse!) merely transferred it from the washing machine to the dryer?? Ya.  Exactly. You know where I’m going with this, don’t you. It’s about FOLDING that doggone pile of laundry when it comes out of the dryer. Am I right?? Often times I find myself questioning how many times you can actually “re-fluff” before everything in the dryer becomes American Girl doll worthy…

But today was different. Kinda. Ya; I still refluffed a couple times, but once I finally dumped that (first, of many) load on the couch and started folding – I did so with a fresh new attitude. An attitude of gratitude. I decided to find five reasons to be thankful for the privilege of folding laundry. And, surprisingly; it wasn’t even hard to do.

  1. I was cold and the clothes were toasty warm. I wrapped up in an oversize sweatshirt and fresh socks.  Instant warmth xo
  2. We are so fortunate to even HAVE these crazy inventions called washers & dryers! Can’t even IMAGINE washing all of this by hand! Our poor great grandparents!
  3. I am so very, very, VERY blessed to have a wonderful hubbie; someone that generates all of these dirty socks and underwear that I have the privilege of folding.  xoxo
  4. We are over the top materialistically blessed. We have a home to do our laundry in, and a closet full of clothes to wear. Some have nothing.
  5. Down time. In the midst of a busy day, folding laundry gives me a little time to quiet my thoughts, slow down and reflect on my day. And all of the many things I have to be grateful for…

Today I am thankful for the gift of laundry.

live happy…

2 thoughts on “the gift of laundry

  1. This cracked me up as I’m sitting here not wanting to fold or put away clothes. Yes, I refluff a lot. But the one thing that came to mind was your son. When all of us cousins went down to Palm Springs quite a few years ago and Kyle’s way of getting wrinkles out was Oh no not to iron… but to put his shirts in the dryer to “refluff!” Mamoo was cracking up!!!

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