the ten dollar smile

park placeWhat can you really get for $10 these days..?  A fancy coffee drink and (maybe) a muffin?  A couple gallons of gas? Unfortunately, we live in a world where things of value, things that matter, are gonna set you back a bit.  It’s just the way things are these days, and we have to accept that.  Or do we…? 

Met some friends, two other couples, the other morning for breakfast at a little local area called “Park Place”, here in Kansas City.  Following an early morning thunderstorm, the sun had returned and the skies were a glorious blue, so we all sat outside and chatted over coffee for a couple of hours.  Afterwards, the hubbie and I decided that we needed to stretch our legs after sitting for so long, so we strolled the outdoor shops, hitting a couple of “end of season sidewalk sales”.   By the time we hit late afternoon, we both admitted that our stomachs were grumbling a bit, and all of the little sidewalk cafes had started “Happy Hour”.  Perfect timing for a glass of wine, some olives and a little hummus.  So you might be thinking that this is the end of the story, but it’s not.  You see, I haven’t told you everything...

What I didn’t mention yet, was the time between strolling the shops and Happy Hour…  As it was, we popped out of one of the stores, and were immediately greeted with the sounds of a sidewalk musician – a lone guitarist with a voice a lot like “The Fray”. So we did what we knew we had to do. We pulled up a spot near the music and the fountains and settled into one of the brightly painted adirondack chairs for a little R&R in the glorious Sunday sunshine.  As we all know, shopping can be absolutely EXHAUSTING for men!! (If you squint real hard on the pic above, you will see the guitarist on the far right of the pic, through the water droplets; and the hubbie is sitting next to my green chair, in a blue shirt, shades on, eyes closed…)  The guy played his heart out, while folks strolled by and smiled, children ran in and out of the fountains, oblivious to anything but their own innocent joy, nearby sidewalk diners clapped politely…

Row of Trees in Meadows, Mountain Range in Background. November Mood.Now I don’t know this young man’s story.  At all.  Was he paid by the merchants?  Does he do this on the side, or is music his sole source of income; his passion?  Did he know that we enjoyed the fact that he was therethat day… playing those songs… making our day a little brighter…?  As I was up snapping this pic, he announced that it was his last song, and he thanked everyone who was there and wished them happiness for the rest of their day.  My hubbie smiled at me and stood up, walking over to the young man.  He had no “tip bucket” of any kind, so the hubbie merely thanked him for the gift of his music, and handed him a small token of gratitude.  His eyes lit up with a sincere appreciation was so genuine it made my heart ache.  A smile that was so worth every last penny…  Be the reason.

live happy, cathy

7 thoughts on “the ten dollar smile

  1. Love this story! I spied your husband’s leg and faintly a guitar amongst the raindrops. I have a similar story except it was in New Orleans and didn’t involve a street musician, but a man holding a large sign that said big ass beers. Wanted my pic with him and hubby gave him $10 bill you would have thought it was $100. This story made me smile. HMMM! I’m thinking this could be on my smile list!

    1. Thank you, Cindy! I have to give credit to my in-laws… as they were the “very sweet subject matter”!!! Still like honeymooners after all these years! Such great role models for all who know (and love) them!!! I sincerely appreciate the comment!

    2. OK – Have to laugh at myself, Cindy!! I read your comment and thought you were commenting on my “wedded bliss” blog!! Ha!! Sometimes I crack myself up…;) In a way, it’s kind of the same response, however. The “sweetheart” who was the subject in this story is my dear sweet hubbie… a product of the two wonderful people I was referring to in “wedded bliss”…!!! Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I guess!!! Thanks again!!

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