this little piggy went to market…

I always wanted to be a buyer.

I went to college and majored in Fashion Merchandising with an (almost) minor in business.  I pictured myself working for some well known chain of classy stores, traveling throughout the United States to various markets; wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of my crazy, exciting, cutting-edge career… OK.  So maybe that’s not exactly how it all worked out.  Upon graduating, I spent the next eight years in retail management; aside from the two (glorious) years that we lived in London.  It was then that I entered into the career of a lifetime…(literally).  The job was simply titled – “Mom”.  The years to follow were, and continue to be, the best of my life.  Nothing prepared me for the sheer magnitude of motherhood.  Being the oldest of seven kids sure helped – but I had no idea how much I would really love being a mom to my two kids.  It was, in all sincerity, the career of my dreams.

Kids have this terrible habit, however, of growing up.  When my twins turned 12, I started my own little home business called “Creations (by cathy) so that I would have something for myself, especially when the (dreaded) moment came for them to leave for college.  (In retrospect… one of the smartest things that I have ever done!)  Back in 2002, we still had a Market in Kansas City.  I can still remember the thrill and excitement of “going to market” for the very first time!!!  I think that I probably just sat in my car and squealed like a little piglet before I went in.  I was just SO excited!!  That market has been gone for quite a while now, and I have had the opportunity to attend Market in Denver, Chicago (twice), Atlanta, and now, Dallas.  Arrived  in Dallas yesterday afternoon so that I could spend the evening chit-chatting over sushi with a niece who is currently living here in Dallas. We laughed and talked and wined and dined.  Solved all the world’s problems… and then some (love ya, sweetie!)

The Dallas Market (click link) opened this AM – so when the wake-up call wrestled me out of a deep, dark sleep at about 6:45… I stumbled to the shower (Via the coffeemaker.  Regular.) and began my day.  Over the next 12 hours I would sit down exactly three times.  Five minutes for breakfast and 10 minutes on the shuttle bus to Market and back.  “Lunch” is defined as “food that the Reps often put out to entice you to stay in their showrooms”.  It is free, it may (or may not) be something that sounds good and it does not involve sitting.  Yep.  This is what I love.  It’s that crazy hustle, bustle “thrill of the hunt” feeling that I dreamed of right after college.  (There was just an ever-so-slight “delay of game” getting here.)  And the hunt is even more exciting and challenging this time around.  I am truly “starting over” at this Market in a fresh, new direction – shabby chic, feminine,”cottagey”… and often with a French accent!  Everything that I love!!  Woo-Hoo!!  I am truly like a little kid going to Disney World!  Today was wonderful.  Now it’s time for a little “beauty rest”.  Still have another 2 1/2 days in “The Magic Kingdom”, and I certainly don’t want to have dark circles under my eyes if I run into Minnie Mouse!

6 thoughts on “this little piggy went to market…

  1. WOW…what a smorgasboard of shopping!!! Once again, ‘love your post, Cathy. I hope many young mom’s read this and embrace the incredible opportunity motherhood presents. Say “hi” to J.R. and Mary Ellen!

  2. Ha! JR is actually on the cover on a magazine here in the hotel… Guess “Dallas” is returning to television?? I was blissfully unaware somehow. And, yes, you are so on target… motherhood is an incredible opportunity – as well as a gift and a privledge. Amen to all the great moms out there!! OK… off to Disneyworld!

  3. Well you kept me well entertained driving to Indiana. Enjoy, enjoy Everything! Saw your plate work at BlueHills yesterday. Your ears should be burning at our table but I didn’t win anything! Hugs, mom

    1. Thanks, Mom. Yep – more golf plates! Sorry you didn’t win anything tho…! Glad that I was able to “entertain you” on the long drive. Have found some great things here in Dallas. Heading off to Nashville later today!

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