And so who is ”creations by cathy“…? Hmmm… well, that’s kind of a long story. OK, let’s be honest here. I don’t “do” short stories. Period.  Better that you know that from the start. But I try. Really, I do. In fact, I’m gonna try right now.  So here goes…  A quick “creations” timeline…

2002:  Creations was “born”. Themed Gift baskets and giftware. Mainly “home parties” at my house with other vendors/friends.
2003:  Started a line of custom hand-painted glassware
2004:  My first experience with a retail rental space in an actual store. “The Market at Westside Park”.  General giftware.  Fun just “getting my feet wet…”
2005-2007:  Rented a “room” in a store (cool old house)  called “Serendipity Accents”.  Hand-painted glassware and cocktail themed giftware. Ya. Definitely the “party room”!!
2007-2009:  Concentrated on (my high school twins, AND) expanding my customer base through a monthly newsletter and doing lots and lots (and LOTS) of shows.  Lots.
2009-2013:  Decided I was done moving merchandise in and out of temporary shows (Ugh!), and needed something more permanent…  Moved into a brand new upscale boutique co-op called Trendz.  So much fun.  Amazing people… friends.  A great run, and so hard to leave…
2013-2015HUGE decision (for me!) – a semi-retirement from the world of retail…!  I continued to paint custom glassware orders online/from home, but there were constant issues with inventory and supplies that made it impossible to continue with the glassware.   Sadly; the end of an era…
2015:  It wasn’t long before the “retail itch” started again. So much for “retirement” – HA!  As of March 2015, “creations” moved into the basement space of CHARM, in Martin City. Unfortunately, this proved to be more of a “short story” than a novel. New owners took over shortly after my arrival, and the basement space was slated for (painting) classroom space. No worries, though. I found my new home at “Bella B Decor” and moved in May 1!  WooHoo! What a ride this “re-entry into the retail rodeo” has been!!  Please check out my “Bella B Decor” page” for further updates and details!!
So here is a toast to creating yourself, and more importantly, to RE-creating yourself…!  Always.   live happy

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  1. Are you still doing the handpainted glassware? If so could I see some examples?
    What a wonderful gift!
    I hope you are doing well

    1. Hello Chris!!! So great to hear from you! As for your question… No. Sorry to say that I am not. As a matter of fact, I just finished writing an updated “about me” page re: what I AM doing vs. NOT doing… What timing!! Please read my new page for an update, tho!!
      How is that handsome boy of yours, by the way?? We need a REUNION (for the moms AND sons!!) Don’t you agree…?
      Hope all is well with you, friend… hugs – Cathy

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