a summer sabbatical

flip flopsA summer sabbatical.  From social media.  Interesting.  So what does that really mean, and why do it?

Well… by definition, it just means that I took the complete summer off from participating in any form of social media.  At all.

Ya, right.

I do have to say, however, that I really did try.  There were a few “cheats” along the way; but for the most part I honestly tried to steer clear of the constant temptations and did my very best to avoid this love/hate relationship that I seem to have with my computer.  Hmmm.  Think I just stumbled across the perfect segway into the real “meat and potatoes” of this post… “Why do it?”.

A couple reasons, really.  First of all to test myself.  Can I possibly survive without social media?  Will the world – or, perhaps more specifically, MY world, cease to exist without the constant stimulation of my daily dose of social media buzz?  As it turns out, one can exist, and dare I say, thrive, WITHOUT social media.  Who knew.  That being said, however…  What about my readers?  My fellow bloggers?  My Pinterest peeps?  My Facebook friends… and likes… and followers…?  Will THEY be able to survive the summer without my insight, my perspective, my wisdom, my knowledge, my non-stop chatter…. ???

In a word – yes.

So, there it is, friends.  The summer sabbatical is complete; and I am back.  I (quite sincerely) look forward to our time together going forward.  There is just so much we have to learn from each other.  And yes; I missed you.

live happy – Cathy 

4 thoughts on “a summer sabbatical

  1. Hey Cathy! If you don’t remember me I’m Tracy Nohe’s friend (Martha Stewart wanna be)! I’m wondering if you would consider speaking on a topic to my church group? I know how talented you are so we’d need to pinpoint exactly what you’d focus on!! Give me a call and I’ll explain.

    Darcy Ringgenberg

    1. Of course I remember you, friend!! What a wonderful reply to my post… Gosh, I’m honored to receive such a kind and sincere request!! I’m certain we can come up with something to talk about – Ha!!! xo

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