falling into fall

This past Sunday was a glorious fall day.  Perfection really.  Cool sunshine and the trees ablaze with color.  The rumor, this year, was that the drought was going to rob us of a beautiful autumn… but, oh my, I beg to differ.

I love fall.  Crunchy leaves, brilliant, glowing color, pumpkins and hot apple cider, sweaters and cozy blankets, soup and comfort food, sipping wine by an outdoor fire…  If there has to be a downfall to autumn, it is the fact that it is never, EVER long enough.  Winter just isn’t my thing. At all.  Let me say that again.  AT ALL.  I considered this on Sunday.  As beautiful as the trees were that day, I knew that it was only a matter of time, and a little wind, before our trees were naked and primed for (gulp!) the inevitable….  With that in mind, I grabbed my camera and started exploring, in a desperate attempt to somehow capture, and retain, the moment.

Today was a blustery “Winnie-the-Pooh” kinda day – and COLD!  The wind howled outside, blowing huge gusts of crunchy leaves in circles outside my windows.  Looking out, it was impossible NOT to think about Sunday.  Glorious Sunday; when the trees were lush and full and saturated in brilliant color.  No longer.  The grass was now a carpet of fresh fall foliage.

Lucky for me, today I had a stay-at-home “things to do list” that only seemed to multiply as the day went on!  You know the kind – Cross one thing off, add three more!  So I threw another load of laundry in, gathered my IPAD, laptop, phone and my “to-do pile” and parked myself on our glassed in porch.  Warmed up some apple cider and started the fire while the wind continued to howl outside.  Looking out at my half naked trees, I closed my eyes and hit the rewind button.  Yes.  I remember.  It was Sunday.  Glorious Sunday…

2 thoughts on “falling into fall

  1. Thanks… and 100% agree. Altho it has all changed dramatically over the past 24 hours with this crazy wind – Ugh! I still have my burning bushes that haven’t turned yet, as well as a beautiful tree in the back yard… so the fat lady’s not singin’ yet!!! 🙂

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