happy new year!!

bonne annee

Notes: The simplest way to wish someone a happy new year in French is with Bonne année !, but Bonne année et bonne santé is a classic expression. In English, we say “happy new year,” but the “new” is unnecessary in French – bonne année does the whole job. The addition of bonne santé (good health) is not only a nice thought, but it also rhymes, making a little sing-songy sort of phrase. 
**Interestingly, kissing under the mistletoe is a New Year’s custom in France, rather than a Christmas custom as in other countries.  Hmmm… I’m thinking – How about BOTH?!

And now, for a few more random New Year’s Day thoughts and musings…

daily affirmationHow about a Daily Affirmation (from “Jessica”). For such a young girl, she has much to teach us, I think.  A great way to start each day of the new year…!  And then there is that “all too familiar” New Year’s resolution – I’m gonna work out… again… more… every other Tuesday…. once…???

Decision.  This year, rather than “New Year’s Resolutions” – I’m thinking more about a 2013 “bucket list” of sorts.  I guess that “thinking” is the key word here – as I am actually still forming this 2013 list.  bucket list more

I do know certain things that WILL be included…. moving my parents and my brother here to Kansas City, blogging more 🙂 taking a photography course (and, of course, taking a TON of pictures!), re-working my “Creations” room and then using that room to CREATE…!!!!  There are so many creative ideas in my head… and I am so ready to start doing them… rather than just wishing that I was doing them!

30 day photography challengemaking things

I’m really excited about all that is ahead for the year, actually.    It’s going to be a good year.  So how about you…?  2013 will be my year

What’s on your “bucket list” for 2013?

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