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london 1Many of you already know that the hubbie and I lived in London  for two years… back in the dark ages.  Actually, it was 1986-1988.  Same thing.  I had a friend who recently went to London with her family and she asked if I had any suggestions as to what to do, where to go…  WowThat’s a big question.  There is just SO MUCH to see and do… and everyone has a different “wish list” for what they hope to get out of their trip.  Anyway, for what it’s worth, I made a list of suggestions – and although it was random, she said that it helped. (To see my friend, Dawn’s “recap” of her London trip, click here… A Glimpse of London)

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london the queen

Someone else asked me about London just the other day.  They were, also, thinking of heading over to see the queen in the near future. I’m sure it’s quite challenging to work around her schedule.  No.  I’m kidding.  I don’t know anyone who personally rubs shoulders with the queen. But I’m 99% sure that I was standing right next to David Cassidy in a London post office once.  This highly engaging fact, however, only has relevance if you read my previous post – “music memories”. Anyway – It made me think that there might be others who might actually benefit from my infinite wisdom and extraordinary insight when it comes to playing the part of a London tourist… Ya.  Right. OK – perhaps you know someone who is leaving tomorrow and they need to be punished for procrastinating.  Regardless of the circumstances, here it is… in all it’s glory.  “The List“.  Hope it helps.  Someone; somewhere…

harrodsafternoon tea

  • Double decker buses (top level… great wind factor!! Ha!) Best way to take an initial overall tour of the city!!
  • “The Tube” – For day-to-day travel, the underground (“the tube”) is super easy to navigate and the best way to get from point A to point B.  At some point, tho, a taxi ride in one of the old fashioned taxis is a must!!
  • Afternoon Tea – My #1 fav thing to do in England…  SO many options, from super, duper fancy (think “The Ritz”) to comfy casual (Think a “bed & bath” somewhere in the English countryside).  I’m pretty sure that my” last meal” would include scones with clotted cream &  jam
  • Leicester Square – Great place to buy ½ price theatre tickets for that day
  • Speakers Corner (@ Marble Arch) – People go here to speak publicly about anything & everything.  Have anything you wanna get off your chest??
  • Indian Food – a “must try”; They are every corner!!  A few good things to try for your first experience (very mild) –  “Chicken Korma”, “Chicken Tikka Masala”, “Nan”.  In a word… Yum.
  • “Harrods”  (Knightsbridge)– a must see!! An entire city block in one store.  Don’t miss the food halls downstairs!
  • “Fortnum & Mason” – Another taste of British life is that is like a grocery store on steroids!!  (Piccadilly Circus or Green Park)  An easy walk from Piccadilly Circus.
  • Piccadilly Circus – As close to “Times Square” in NY as you’re gonna get here… Very crazy & crowded but lots of people like to photograph
  • Trafalgar Square – Another big tourist stop for photos… Feeding the pigeons (yuck!)  Walking distance from Buckingham Palace!
  • Covent Garden – An old fruit & veggie market… now full of shops, open air market, street entertainers…  Check online to see if there is a schedule or anything.  Cute unique little shops in the surrounding area as well.  This is a good place for pics & gifts to take home.
  • Hyde Park – huge & beautiful!
  • “Kings Road”/Sloane Square  (Clelsea area) – Used to be very young, trendy area (shops) & your best chance to get a punk rocker photo!
  • “Boots” – This is the store you need to look for if you need any “stuff”… Like a Walgreens or CVS on steroids!  They call a drugstore a “chemist”; just in case you have to ask for one!
  • “the loo” – Ask for this if you need a “potty”!!!
  • Pics… Big Ben, St. Pauls, Tower of London (they do a gross tour that might appeal to the men/boys… lots of gory stuff!), Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey (You will go past all of these on double decker tour, which gives you a feel for the layout of the city & let’s you make notes of areas to go back to!)

Enjoy – and give that beautiful city a great big juicy hug from a “not so secret” admirer… xoxo

 live happy

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  1. Thanks for sharing my glimpse of London. I loved all of your recommendations. We tried Indian food and surprisingly everyone enjoyed their dish. We had tea at Harrods and loved the food hall at Fortnum & Mason. There is so much to see and do! We loved London!

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