new neighbors

home sweet home birdSo it looks like we’re getting some new neighbors. 

The first clue was discovered amidst the sweet little pansies on the front porch.  I had planted them next to the front door at the very first sign of spring.  They are cheerful little survivors… and for me, a real sense of hope after a LONG winter.  I say that because here in the midwest, “springtime” teeters on the edge of full blown winter.  Yep.  Sure does.  As I type this, the cold (winter) wind is a’howlin…

OK – so anyway…  I went to take the dogs out last night for their last “potty break”.  The front porch was covered with; well… birdie poo-poo.  Right up next to the front door.  Actually, it was even ON the front door.  Weird.  Clue #1.

Birds on porch 2

It was then that I noticed that it looked like a wild (and angry?) rodent had thrown a temper tantrum in that little “shreddy filler stuff” that I had carefully tucked around the pansies in the planter. There was a big hole where the shred had been “removed”, and it was then haphazardly strewn about in little piles everywhere.  Hmmm…  Clue #2.

birds on porch 3

Birds on porch 1

We have little birdies that used to come every spring and build a nest.  That is, until my hubbie decided that he didn’t like the “ambiance” of a front porch covered with “birdie droppings”.  And a wife that wouldn’t let him use the front door once “the babies” arrived.  So he decided that HE was smarter than a bird.  He put bricks up at the top of the pillar… kinda like taking the “vacancy” sign down.  Well, it worked for a while…

birds on porch bricks

It wasn’t until morning when I took the girls out for their morning potty break that I saw the final clue. (OK – Is it me, or does this whole post seem to revolve around one basic subject??)

birds on porch 4

You see, we have TWO pillars.  Ouch!!  Being outsmarted by a bird… that stings.

If you’re keeping score… Birdies – 3 points.  Hubbie – 0

I will update you when the “family” moves in….

One thought on “new neighbors

  1. Update: The babies have arrived!! I can hear them chirping away from behind the bricks, and Mama & Daddy are VERY busy flying back & forth; back & forth; back & forth… feeding those hungry little fluffballs!! Takes me back to the days of being a mother of twin babies. And then twin TEENAGERS! Haven’t seen the babies yet; so obviously not big enough to leave the nest yet… xo

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