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Source: My Life and Kids
Source: My Life and Kids

Procrastinating is, by far, one of my favorite pastimes.  I consider it a skill, really. So I saw something on Pinterest the other day that left me feeling inspired.  “20 genius ideas for BACKYARD DECORATING”.  After a long, dreadful winter – we are finally feeling the hope and promise of warmer weather.  Spring has sprung.





IMG_2700So let’s talk about the yard for a minute. My “spring” was still covered by “winter”.  All that dead stuff that needed to be trimmed and raked and shoved into bags… Ugh!!  It made my back ache just thinking about it.  Which is EXACTLY what I did about it.  Think about it.

I thought about it for weeks? days.  What did I do about it?  Nothing. Absolutely nothing. There was always a good excuse why that particular moment, day, week wasn’t going to work.

IMG_2715So yesterday morning rolled around.  I was outside with the dogs for morning potty. It was a beautiful morning.  No rain.  No snow.  No tornadoes.  Aha!! But what about dinner… plan the menu, hit the grocery store, send out invites, starch the linens (ya, right)  Oh wait.  It’s leftover night.  Dang it!  Even the dogs seemed to be looking at me with judgement in their eyes.  Ok… WHATEVER!!!  I give!

Out came the trimmer, and the gloves, and the rake, and the bags, and the…… GEEZ!  This is SO not my thing!  As much as I love pretty flowers, I would definitely not list “gardener” in my resume!! Truth is, I’m just too cheap to hire someone.  And the hubster’s not exactly the “gardening type” either.  His solution is to let his fingers do the walkin’, and his checkbook do the talkin”.


About halfway thru this earthly experience, I had to stop and laugh at myself.  Looking for my shears was like something from the pages of a “Where’s Waldo” book.  Remember my post the other day when I talked about making a mess when I cook?  Well, apparently I am very consistent.  There were piles, and equipment, and tools and dirt and grass… everywhere!! I looked at the clock on my cell phone, making a mental note of how many more hours it was until 5:00.

My arms were cut up and bleeding (stupid barberry bushes) and my back felt like an elephant was standing on it… but the reward was sweet. The bags were crammed full, the sidewalk was swept, the pansies were watered.  I shut the front door behind me.  Ahhhhhhh…






And that’s when it hit me.  UGH!!!  We have a backyard…..!!!





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  1. I can sooo see myself on that blog today!!! Procrastination is such a fight for me all the time but as my mom would have said, “aren’t you glad you did that?”

    1. Ha!!! Yes; EXACTLY!!! I guess the two of us won’t be writing a gardening book anytime soon, Huh?! It really does feel good to tackle something that you really, really, REALLY don’t want to do tho. My back is sure hurting today!! 5:00 Happy Hour Friday… less than 2 hrs and counting!! Have a great weekend, Ibby!!

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