so what to do…?

ann frank quoteWhat happened at the Boston Marathon yesterday is incomprehensible.  A senseless act of violence against innocent people; so horrific that it takes our breath away.  It’s like Sandy Hook all over again.  We are in shock, and react with the predictable emotions… anger, fear, sorrow, helplessness.  In the midst of the chaos and confusion, however – there is another side to the story.  A gentle, loving side.  There were police officers, first responders, hospital workers, med students, ambulance drivers.  There were bystanders and complete strangers.  They all rushed in to help with one common purpose…to help in any way that they could. Marathon runners who had yet to complete the run, instead ran/walked the rest of the “race” to the Red Cross to offer what they could.  Even after running a marathon.  When surrounding hotels were forced to close down, messages poured out from the people of Boston – offering their homes as a warm place to stay.  People opened their hearts in the midst of devastating chaos, and this reminds us NOT to lose sight of something very fundamental.  People are good.  Random acts of violence do not change this fact.

So what to do…?

Well, I say we fight fire with fire.  OK – remember back in science class when we learned about the “law of motion” from Sir Issac Newton…”For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” (Ok.  So I liked science.) Yesterday’s “action” was a random act of violence.  Our “reaction” is to come back, FULL FORCE, with a barrage of RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS.  Let’s show the world we care.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, just feed one”.  – Mother Teresa

Ponder that thought – I’ll be back tomorrow.

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“In spite of everything, I really do believe people are good at heart.” (Ann Frank)

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