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OK.  Woke up this morning (early) with an “out of control, too much to do, Help!  It’s Monday!!” sort of feeling.  You know the kind.  Don’t even think about maybe going back to sleep. Ha! Like that’s gonna happen.  But your body is just too tired to get out of the bed.  And the blanket of darkness outside?  Well that’s certainly not helping. I don’t feel like my feet should even touch the floor before there is sunlight.  Lots of sunlight.  This, however, is the stuff that fairy tales are made of.

The hubbie wanted decaf this AM; but I knew that this was not an option for Moi.  Made a short pot for him, and a pot of the leaded stuff once he was out the door to work.  OK.  Confession.  It was actually “half-caf”, but that was only so that I can drink MORE and not bounce off the walls.  Let’s just say right up front that caffeine is not exactly my best friend.  Sometimes, however – it is a necessity!!  This morning was one of those times.

So I was sitting at the kitchen table working on a grocery list for the week, minding my own business, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye out on the deck. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was “Susie Squirrel” .  Now Susie is not really a welcome visitor on our deck.  She took it upon herself to  “remodel” our roof in the form of a huge hole.  I was instantly glad that the hubbie was already off to work.  He is not Susie’s biggest fan.  But as I watched her darting back and forth in her hyper, erratic sort of way, I realized that Susie had an edge on me.  She had absolutely no issues with her energy level on this Monday morning.  She was on her game.  No caffeine necessary.  A puzzling thought crossed my mind.  Oh my gosh… Was I actually jealous of a squirrel?  The thought was quite troubling, so I opened the porch door and (politely) asked Susie to relocate before going upstairs for a nice hot shower.  I needed to clear my head, and a shower always seems to help.

It was a cold morning and the hot steamy water cascading down my back was an instant “Ahhh…” moment.  Out of the blue, an image suddenly popped into my mind. It was this (squirrel) pic from my pinterest board.  Ha – That’s it!   I just need to think like a squirrel!  Still in a towel, I grabbed my list and began writing.  I suddenly felt ready to tackle the “to do’s”.  The sun was up and shining brightly and the air was crisp and cool.  A beautiful fall day, and a perfect night for soup.  Ya – things are lookin’ up.  So, thanks to Susie, I’m off and running on this Monday morning – ready to conquer this crazy list.  (Task #1:  Gather nuts for winter…)

live happy…  laugh, love, dream, create

2 thoughts on “susie squirrel

  1. Hilarious morning thoughts, Cathy!! I haven’t named all my squirrels because there are not enough names to go around. Ugh!!!

  2. Yes – I realize that there will come a time when Susie has way too many friends to count. When that time comes, I might not be quite so “polite” when asking them to leave…

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