the kansas city plaza art fair

Take one breathtakingly gorgeous day; add in a crowd of eclectic people, live music, delicious food & libations and booth after booth after booth of artwork… So what do you get?  Why the Kansas City Plaza Art Fair, of course!  And yes, that is where the hubbie and I spent a blissful Sunday afternoon last weekend… just wandering and munching and people watching and chatting and, of course, admiring artwork.

I love looking at art and chit chatting with the artists. I love to hear their thoughts, their inspiration, their passion…  Most of the art is nothing that I would, personally , hang in my home, per say – I have a very white/cream/pastel “shabby chic” style of decorating – but I adore all of the bright colors and appreciate the different mediums and techniques that make each artist unique.

My hubbie, more of a “numbers” kinda guy, mentioned that there seemed to a lot of artwork with “heads”.  At that point I suggested that we stop and get him some munchies at “M&S Grill”.  And a beer at “Houstons”.  See how happy he looks drinking that beer…?  Worked like a charm.

Just admiring the work of these talented artists gets my creative juices flowing; I feel completely energized and inspired!!  Since my chosen business name is “Creations”, this is definitely a good thing!!  And speaking of, the hubbie got a kick out of a piece of art that highlighted my (creative) demise… as you will see in the following pic.  Hmmm… Note to self: Think very carefully about what you choose to create..

And so a happy day it was.  The music, the food, the weather, the art, the inspiration and, of course, the company of my sweet hubbie – all to myself after a very busy weekend.  Ahhh… Life is, indeed, very good.

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