who agrees with “grumpy cat”…?

grumpy cat 2Have you met the newest internet sensation; “Grumpy Cat” (aka “Tardar Sauce”)??  Well I have a hunch that this cute little kitty is simply SICK. OF. WINTER.  Am I right?  Let’s be honest… We are ALL a little grumpy.  Or a LOT grumpy.   “Spring” arrived this week… Really???  So what about the 5-9″ of snow that is forecasted for tomorrow?  Well, I have really been trying to kinda, sorta be positive about the winter thing with the whole “good moisture for the spring flowers” thingie… OK.  That’s a lie.

snow hands

Truthfully, I find it extremely difficult impossible to even remotely feign any semblance of positive thoughts when it comes to cold. snow. ice. sleet. winter. Period.

So what to do…???

Well, first of all, we vow to never, ever, EVER believe “Punxsutawney Phil” again.  EVER. (Sorry, Phil.  Nothing personal)

philSo here’s my master plan.

I think that we need to just storm heaven with positive SPRINGTIME energy and thoughts…  So simple; Right??  OK.  Since we’re being really honest here, I’m going to make (yet another) confession.  I have already (kinda) made the attempt to project these positive spring thoughts via my Facebook page for quite some time now.  In fact, I think we’re coming up on winter storm #3 since I started my little “campaign“.  OK, OK… before you start thinkin’ what you’re probably already thinking… I am not the one to blame!  I simply need HELP!!! This is not a reason to STOP!!  Oh no, no, no.  This is simply our motivation to BUMP IT UP!!!  Are you with me, friends???  I’m gonna get us started today with some happy little “springlike” images.  We need to smile.  We need warm, happy thoughts to project out into the universe.  WE NEED SPRING…!!!!  So here we go.  Hey, we’ve got nothing to lose; Right?  And to start off the whole “smile thingie”, watch this quick video clip of sweet little “Grumpy Cat”Too cute.  She is really just sleepy in this video, but I find her to be adorable.  HAPPY SPRING, my friends!!

spring boy with bunnyspring sheep black & whitespring scrabblespring kids toeshamockspring chickpillowcase stackHibiscus-Mint Iced Tea

2 thoughts on “who agrees with “grumpy cat”…?

    1. So “grumpy” that he’s cute! I still maintain that he was just fed up with the crazy weather… I say “Hold on, grumpy cat; Spring is s-l-o-w-l-y peeking through…” 😉

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