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tea solves everythingDo you ever get that silly, slumpy, mid-afternoon “oh my” sorta feeling; where your legs feel like thick tree stumps and your eyelids feel like heavy little rocks…?  Ya… Thought so.  Now for many of us, caffeine is not an option that late in the day. As for me, one cup in the wee morning hours is PLENTY.  Unless, of course, I want to get a little head start on my holiday shopping.  It’s amazing the great infomercial deals you can snag at 3:00 AM…

Okay, so back to the problem; my slump!  Or more to the point… the solution!  So I was driving home today when suddenly my car turned into Trader Joe’s parking lot.  It just does that sometimes.  Weird.  I parked my car and obediently went inside.  So many goodies there.  While perusing the aisles, I spotted something intriguing.  “Harvest Blend Herbal Tea.  CAFFEINE FREE!”  Nummers!!  Snatched it up, knowing that today might be a great day to try it out – a cool cloudy day, feeling kinda draggy, in need of a little afternoon “pick-me-up”… As predicted, by mid-afternoon, I found myself staring blankly at my “to do” list and feeling a bit overwhelmed.  It was just starting to sprinkle a bit outside – Yep.  Perfect conditions for a cup of hot tea!!  So I selected a sweet little, yellow rimmed vintage teacup from my collection and got that tea a-brewin’.  The aroma was absolutely divine… and that first sip??  Wow.  Orange citrus combined with sweet apple, a touch of cinnamon and ginger dancing on my tongue… Heavenly!  My spirit lifted a little higher with each tiny sip.  Suddenly that neverending long list didn’t seem quite so overwhelming.  Maybe I really could do it after all!  Perhaps it’s really true. Maybe a cup of tea really can solve everything… ??  Okay; maybe not everything.  But it can certainly do wonders for that silly, slumpy, mid-afternoon “oh my” sorta feeling… And today, that was enough.

TJ autumn tea

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