why do I blog?

life journeyWelcome to Post #100, friends!

The obvious question, at such a pivotal, historic moment; what to blog about?  I pondered the possibilities. And then I pondered some more.  At the end of the day, however, the answer seemed obvious.  It simply must be the answer to YOUR burning question.  “WHY (the heck) do you (I) blog…?”   

This is a question that I am often asked by people who do not blog.  Or even know what a blog really IS! According to the Merrium-Webster Dictionary; “blog” is defined as follows: “A web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences”.  So there it is.  Pretty simple concept.  But that is merely the definition.  I still have not told you WHY I blog.  There are several reasons.  Pull up a seat, friends, and get comfortable…


Blogging is really not that different than someone who journals with pen and paper in a pretty little book that is safely tucked away in their nightstand.  The only real difference, basically, is the fact that Bloggers choose to share their “journal” with the world!  Or, at a minimum,  anyone who will listen!  Blogging is very much a creative outlet for me.  A way to share, with you, my daily life experiences – my passions, joys, triumphs… and even my sorrows. Blogging keeps me present in the moment(s).  MY moments…  MY life…  I journey through my day with a heightened sense of awareness as to what is happening all around me. Every experience has the possibility of becoming part of a blog.  A beautiful sunset, an event that moved me to tears, a conversation with a stranger new friend in the grocery checkout lane, a mouthwatering dish at a favorite restaurant…  So often I find myself pausing to take in the moment, rather than rushing right through it. Affirming gratitude in my daily life.  And this is good.

In the “blogging world” there are people who blog about absolutely EVERYTHING!!!  I am, apparently, what is referred to as a “lifestyle blogger“. Basically, I am random and don’t fit into any specific “categories”.  Ya. OK.  I’m good with that.  That is who I am.  My blog is “live happy“.  Definition:  I blog about family & food; creativity & cocktails; homemade & humor; motherhood & marriage; parties & procrastination; girlfriends & gratitude;  London & laughter…

To put it simply – blogging about my life makes me happy.  And having people follow my blogs, like my blog posts or comment…?  Ahhhh….. Very, very happy!!!  My goal is to share a little piece of my world with you, in the hopes that we will connect.  And I so hope that we do   

live happy… laugh, love, dream, create

happy life

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  1. I commend you for this for it does take a SPECIAL talent to be able to share your thoughts and feelings with people AND make it an enjoyable blog! You go girl!!

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