a faraway (facebook) friend

Today I just wanted to share with you a dialogue that transpired this past weekend with my new (Facebook) friend, Eunice…

“To welcome my newest Facebook friend, Eunice Hohn, from the beautiful country of Germany… I share with you one of the most recognizable landmarks of Germany – Neuschwanstein Castle.  It truly is what “fairytales” are made of!  We were there in 1987.  An absolutely GORGEOUS country! Breathtaking.  Munich, the “Black Forest”, Baden-Baden… Ahhhh; so many beautiful memories  🙂  Welcome, Eunice!”

Eunice: “Olá, muiito obrigada pelo carinho e receptividade essa foi a melhor desde que estou no Face … realmente esse País é cheio de encantos…com pessoas honestas…pontuais…e competentes!Vivo aqui há quase quatro anos e minha única dificuldade é o idioma…nao sei um dia conseguirei vencer esse obstáculo…mas vou vivendo e aprovetando da melhor forma possível o que posso.Desejo um excelente final de semana com muiito carinho a Creations by cathy.”

Translation: “Hello, muiito thanks for caring and responsiveness that was the best since I’m in the Face … actually this country is full of charms … with honest people … timely … and competent!Live here for nearly four years and my only difficulty is the language … do not know one day be able to overcome this obstacle … but I’m living and aprovetando in the best way I can.Wish you a great weekend with muiito affection the Creations by cathy” (Translated by Bing)

” It IS a beautiful weekend here, Eunice…  blue skies, sunshine and a cool breeze.  Absolute perfection!  I wish, for you, the same…!”

And just to prove to Eunice that sometimes the language barrier is NOT a problem…  A little German video for you to enjoy.  Watch this video until the end because the last two gals are proof positive that we ALL laugh in the same language!!   German water bed prank…     live happy

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