do dogs really smile…?

enjoy the rideDo you think that dogs actually smile?  I’m not saying “are they happy?” –  I mean, do they really s m i l e…?  I say Yes.  Definitely.  We have 2 dogs.  The white dog is Tobie  and the black dog is Ellie.  Together, they are just referred to as “the girls“.  Ya, I know.  Tobie is a boy name.  She is a tomboy at heart.  Lifts her leg to go potty, burps after she eats… So what would you have suggested; “Princess”?  Two more opposite dogs you will never meet.  Their nicknames are as follows (Ellie/Tobie) Needy & Greedy; Crazy & Lazy.  Ellie never stops.  Wants to play fetch 24/7.  This is NOT an exaggeration.  Ask anyone.  She never, ever, ever gets tired. Ellie is best known for body slamming into walls, often head first, kamikaze style while playing fetch. Perhaps one too many times… This has also earned her the additional nickname of “Google eyes”.  Let’s just say that sometimes Ellie appears to be looking in several different directions at once.  (Think “Ed”, the hyena from Lion King..)  Yep –  Having someone throw the ball is Ellie’s nirvana.  It is DEFINITELY what makes her smile.   Tobie; well…. not so much.  An all day nap really suits Tobie just fine.  Preferably in the warm sunshine.  Unless there is food.  ANY food.  And by “food”, I mean anything that is on the floor… Paper clips, buttons, paper towels, screws…  So what makes Tobie smile? Besides a sample of pork tenderloin (blame the hubbie; I give her apples and kale!), it would have to be her kids.  Tobie LOVES having her kids home. Hands down, NOTHING makes her happier.  Yep.  They are definitely Tobie’s reason to smile!

walk 2walk 1

As opposite as they are, they really are “best buds”.  There is one common denominator that makes them BOTH grin ear to ear, equally, and that is going for a walk!! Just say the words, and they begin “the happy dance“… big grins as they hop like little bunnies and run in circles.  And this happy state continues throughout the entire walk.  Today was no exception.  It was a beautiful, peaceful Sunday morning, and I felt quite reflective as we strolled the neighborhood…  Watching their complete delight in the smallest of things… sniffing the trees (EVERY tree, in fact!), chasing a butterfly, checking out an abandoned toy in someone’s front yard, investigating what might be under a fluffy bush… It made me stop and think.  I was taken back to my reflection four days ago on 9/11; my blog post “a life to live over” (Erma Bombeck).  Conclusion?  Wouldn’t we all be a little better off if we approached life a little more like a dog?  Hmmm….  Think about that.  There are literally hundreds of little things in a day that can make you smile – IF you take the time to pause and enjoy them.  But do you?  I think we all try; but life, and deadlines, and “to do” lists, and complications… they all get in our way, don’t they.  So I guess we just need to try a little harder.  Yep.  Perhaps we just need to think, and smile, more like a dog…

walk 4walk 7

tobie & ellie

live happy

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  1. Ha! Well they were looking a bit scraggly in this pic, but it doesn’t really seem to bother them at all!! I will pass the comment on to them 😉 Thanks for stopping by Kiran!!! Happy Weekend!!!

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