gone; but not forgotten

MLK 10I have never been the guest on a talk show.  Or a cooking show.  Or Good Morning America.  If I were, however, and they were to ask me this question…”Of anyone who has ever lived on this earth; who are the top five people you would most like to meet…?”  What would be my response?

MLK 6Well, I’m not sure of all five.  Need to do a little more thinkin’.  One of them, however, would be Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A brave, brave man who preached against violence as a solution to ANYTHING.

MLK 1A man of faith, great wisdom, peace, strong morals, conviction, and love. Wow.  I feel like he could make such a difference in our world today.

click for video bio of Dr. King

He is no longer here; but we are.   His legacy lives on through his teachings; the words he left behind.  Our job is to love each other; as brothers and sisters.  Today.  And all of our tomorrows.



April 4, 1968. I was only six years old when Dr. King lost his life.   Today, on the anniversary of his untimely passing, I share a few of my favorite quotes…

Thank you, Dr. King.

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