hello, again

source: Warren Photographic
source: Warren Photographic

hello.  again….

I’ve been gone awhile.  Six months, to be exact.  But I’m back. In my usual, haphazard sort of way.  You know; a post every day for 2 weeks.  Then nothing for the next three weeks.

Or six months.

I needed a little social media hiatus, I guess. A time to chill.  Regroup.  Collect my thoughts. Ponder life…

Bold statement: “I’m going to attempt to be a bit more consistent in my blogging” (don’t think that I  don’t hear the muffled giggles amongst you…)

Followed by the “however…” statement: “In order to do so, however, I must learn to be a bit more, well.. brief?”  (OK – the muffled giggles just turned to outright laughter…!)

OK, Yes.  I said brief.  I know.  It sounds ridiculous coming from me, doesn’t it!?  I agree. But I’m sure gonna try. Truth is, I think that I really need this place, this little space, to share what’s in my head and my heart. I’ve said it a million times before, but blogging – for me – is an online journal. My diary. My therapy. I’m sharing my thoughts, feelings, experiences with you, in hopes that something that I say may touch your life in some small way. Perhaps we will connect on some level. Start a conversation. Or not. It may simply be something you just needed to hear or see at that very moment. Something in your heart; not to be shared with anyone. That works for me too…

So it’s November. A beautiful month to honor the spirit of gratitude. Every day this month I am going to post a picture on Instagram; something that I am grateful for.  I am going to jump back on Facebook, as well. Although not as often as I used to. And, of course, stay tuned – right here – for future “brief, yet meaningful” blog posts from yours truly! (teehee!!) 

yes.  it’s hello. again…

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