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So I took yesterday’s post to heart.  Yes. I’m talking about MY post from yesterday. About being kind; about making a difference.  This is a really big deal to me.  It has been for a long, long time.  I feel that, as individuals, we sometimes feel that we are just a tiny little speck in a great big world.  After all; what could WE possibly do that could REALLY make a difference?  That’s the part that gets me.  OK. As much as I would like to, I am, more than likely, NOT going to discover a cure for cancer.  I am NOT going to eliminate world hunger or childhood obesity.  But if I CAN do something small, that will make someone smile – even just for a moment – YAY! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!

almondsSo after I posted yesterday (love; not hate”) I got dinner started and had to make a run to Trader Joes. (LOVE Trader Joes.  But that’s SO another post…)  I gathered my goodies, and as I was waiting in line, I saw the little $1.00 bags of (dark… YUM!) chocolate covered almonds. “I need to pick up a bag of those to stick in the mailbox for Bob (our mailman).”

As I dropped them in my basket, the thought crossed my mind. I need to perform five acts of kindness today. Sounds good! The next thought to pop into my brain was, but it’s already 5:00! Alrighty.  Already crossed off #1!!  After loading the groceries into my car, I started walking back towards Trader Joes to return my cart.  I saw a gal getting ready to walk her cart back up to the entrance, and recognized her as the mom in front of me with four little kids. I zigzagged over and offered to return her cart up to the front.  So appreciative for such a small gesture.(#2)  


As I returned to my car, another thought popped. I looked in my wallet.  One dollar. So I attached a little note and took it back into the store where they have the little shopping carts for the kiddos! Left it in the perfect spot for the next little nugget to come along!  That was SO fun! (#3)


As I pulled in to the driveway (after dropping off Bob’s chocolate covered almonds in the mailbox!), I was thinking about the dogs going out to potty (normally in the front yard).  We have a mama and baby bird (nest on front porch) at our front door, and the little baby is learning to fly. I was just so worried about scaring mama and baby!!  But… I couldn’t take them in the backyard either because we have baby bunnies and baby ducks (under the deck?).  So I took the dogs for a walk. Oh my – SO happy! (#4) And all the little birdies, bunnies and ducklings were quite appreciative as well! (#5)


On my drive home earlier, I realized that my acts of kindness had started early in the day without even thinking… My hubbie had been craving a pot roast; and he loves his brussel sprouts… so guess what we had for dinner!?! (#6) As we were discussing “acts of kindness” at dinner, my daughter was sweet enough to remind me that I had made her a special breakfast that morning (she had a huge presentation at work!) on our “special family plate” and I had also packed her a lunch when she was running late! (#7 and #8).  So, all in all, not a bad day on the ole “kindness meter“. At the end of the day, striving for five is actually quite attainable!!

kindness pass it on

As for today, you ask??  Well… I packed a magazine in my husband’s suitcase before he left out of town as a little surprise.(#1) “Talked out” some things with a friend who needed someone to listen.(#2)  Let a gal go in front of me in the checkout line at Target.(#3) Purchased some little treats for a little “cheer me up goodie bag” to give a friend who is going through some hard times.(#4) Finally – I also did a little something special but can’t actually say… That person will probably be reading this and it would ruin my little surprise!! (#5) So check, check, check, check, check…

How about you???




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