oh; to define thanksgiving

November is one of my very favorite months of the entire year.  Halloween, with all of the adorable little ghosts and goblins, is behind us.  The craziness of the December holiday rush looms ahead. But November wraps us up in a warm, cozy blanket of giving thanks… of remembering what is important to us in our lives.  A time to reflect and count our many, many blessings.  I know that being in the retail world forces me to “jump the gun” on the Christmas season… and there is not much I can do about that.  I do, however, have control over the way that I look at, and approach, the ENTIRE holiday season.  You see, I have a little different perspective on everything.  I actually see Thanksgiving and Christmas as being two parts of one beautiful season.

For me, the entire season is about family, friends, peace, love and gratitude.  I know that a lot of people like to get a jump start on their Christmas decorations in November – but I still love to “decorate” my home for Thanksgiving – even though we don’t actually celebrate Thanksgiving Day here.   Again – it’s not a “day” in November and then another “day” in December… it’s an entire beautiful season. There has been so very much going on lately – globally, and in my very own little world.  Sometimes it reminds us to stop dead in our tracks and reflect on life… and what REALLY matters.  I pray for “peace on earth” as we begin this most blessed “holiday season”… 

(the above is an excerpt from my November newsletter… )

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