one lucky, lucky girl

valentine rosesAs you know, I am kinda sorta playing “catch up” with my blog posts after my computer crashed…  So today I am sharing with you a few images of my Valentine’s Day 2013.  Morning began with a “Valentine Breakfast” for my two boys, complete with heart shaped pancakes, chicken apple sausage and sauteed  apples with maple syrup.  One of these “boys” I shared a first date with on Valentine’s Day 1980 (Yep.  Do the math.  That’s 33 years ago!!) and one I shared my big ‘ole belly with, along with his twin sister, some twenty-something years ago.  Both of them loved and treasured… xo   Each one of my boys surprised me when they came home from work with a beautiful bunch of flowers.  Pink roses from my sweetie, and a beautiful “springlike” assortment from my (6’1″) “baby”.  I’m such a lucky, lucky girl…

valentine pancakesvalentine flowers

And speaking of lucky girls; a little story.  I was really, really missing my baby girl all day (my college baby girl!!).  All day long treasured memories of Valentine’s Days when my kids were little played out in my head, and my heart, like the poignant video of a mom’s soul… My heart ached to return, just for a moment, to days gone by…  Five short minutes after returning home from a final run to the grocery store for dindin, I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door to find these two precious smiling faces… little “buddies” of mine.  And even better – They had cupcakes.  Yummy, yummy pink frosted and (lovingly) hand-decorated cupcakes. Yes indeed.  I am one lucky, lucky girl… 

valentine girlsvalentine cupcake eaten
We ended the day with a dinner at home, and I have to say it was a big hit with both of “the boys” – so I thought that I would share!  On the menu…Roasted Asparagus with Prosciutto  (, Mustard Beef Tenderloin ( and “Salt & Vinegar” Roasted Potatoes (Basically, Oven roast your potatoes with olive oil, sea salt & pepper until golden & crispy; then toss with malt vinegar & serve immediately). The mustard sauce for the beef pairs nicely with the asparagus & the potatoes as well!! A yummy dinner.  A yummy day.
“There is only one happiness in life; to love and be loved.” – George Sand
Yep.  One lucky, lucky girl…  xo

beef tenderloinroasted aspargus with prosciutto

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