snow day

chocolate chip cookiesSo here in Kansas City, it’s been snowing.  And snowing.  And snowing.  Now, mind you, this wouldn’t be so bad… if I didn’t hate the cold so much.  But I do.  And snow is cold.  So today was another “snow day” around here.  Schools, businesses, roads… closed.  Kids… home. Now when my kids were little, “snow days” almost always involved, among other things, two basic foods… hot chocolate and homemade chocolate chip cookies!!

cookie dough

So today I had one of my “babies” AND my hubby here, both forced to work from home because of the weather.  It made me happy just having them here…  Happy enough that I decided to make cookies.  Chocolate Chip Cookies; of course.

cookie dough 2cookies 2

As the house filled with the warm, familiar scent of homemade cookies, hot from the oven… our neighborhood street filled with the happy, contagious laughter of kids.  It was “snow day” laughter… that “three pair of socks, frozen pink cheeks, let’s build a snowman” kind of laughter.  And it truly was contagious.  Even for someone who really hates the cold. So I gathered a plate of warm cookies… and out I went.  After all, playing in the snow is hard work!  They HAD to be hungry. So they nibbled on cookies and gave me a tour of the area while I snapped pics.  The “under the ground igloo/ fort”,  their snowmen, snow babies, a snow dog (named Lulu) and a snow horse!  And, yes… They even built a snowman for my yard!!   After awhile, I realized that my “50-something” toes were cold.  No… frozenSo with a camera full of pics, an empty cookie plate and frozen pink cheeks… I decided to head on back inside.  I guess next time I’ll wear three pair of socks…

cookies in snowsnow fort cookies 2snow cookies 1snowman debsnowman front ydsnow fort cookies

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